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Carl Akins has been a professional announcer for over 35 years. He began in radio as a DJ and held most every position in the business, including news director, news anchor, copy writer, production director, and operations manager. Along with about 19 years in radio, he overlaps 17 years producing voiceovers for commercials at a TV station. Most of this experience took place in the Binghamton, NY, market.


Carl Akins holds a permanent FCC General Radiotelephone License (started as a First Class and converted to the General license) with Radar Endorsement. He has AAS degrees in electrical engineering technology, telecommunications and computer security & forensics, and an AS in computer science. His broadcasting training was all self-taught or learned from mentors in the business and workshops from Voices For All.


ADK A51 Mk5.1 condenser microphone
Shure 565SD dynamic microphone
Mbox Mini2 interface with Pro Tools LE 7.4
Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro mixer



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Carl Akins
(502) 603-2581 cell or
(800) 273-0236
carl (@) carlsvoice.com